Voiceover Trends for 2020

Whether new to voiceover or an established talent, it's essential to keep up on current trends. Like any industry, the service of voiceover changes over time, and what was your hot "go-to" voice (i.e., product) may no longer be. This leaves you less opportunity and less cash in your pocket.

If you're seeking longevity, then study. Pay attention to national advertising and how the voiceover is delivered on both a mechanical and emotional level. Rest assured, smaller marketing firms will be following suit in a trickle-down effect, thus propelling you ahead of the curve as the talent in the know and ready to deliver.

Here's a hint by the way, emotional connectivity is vital in today's voiceover style. You'll see "real and conversational" frequently in specs, but it's better to read it as "connected."

A good voice actor first determines the writer's emotional intent, then creates a psychological tactic to connect the listener to that intent. Ultimately the chosen tactic dictates the mechanics of the performance – Not the other way around!

However, back to trends. Even as a performer, it's wise to observe and consider marketing trends which can include such things as:

  • Product types

  • Consumers types

  • Location

  • Product Importance

  • Consumer Perception - of oneself and from a peer perspective.

Basically, you should be paying attention to everything marketers observe when trying to connect a brand to a consumer. We're speaking about commercial voiceover, but similar breakdowns can be made about voice over for games, animation, and documentaries and just about every type of voice acting.

So, what trends do we see coming?

  • An increase in voice over opportunities for women.

Female talent will see a rise in opportunity, particularly in areas traditionally voiced by men. This is based on the continued, and rightfully so, national trend of equality. We also expect a rise in the overall diversity of talent as well, including non-native speakers in English speaking roles mainly, in the corporate world.

  • Increased e-learning and corporate voice over.

Smaller businesses are creating content more than ever, so we'll see an increase in opportunities for more e-learning, explainer videos, and corporate videos. It's been on the rise for quite some time, and we see no signs of it stopping. You may want to consider honing your long-form copy skills to increase your bottom line.

  • Home Studios

Talent will further be required to record from their home studio. It may be a good idea to step up your engineering skills. We dislike this trend but sadly we believe it to be the reality as budgets shrink and inexperienced producers don't recognize the expertise professional recording studios bring.

  • Voice Over Rates

Rates will increase overall, but we may see a rate divide between new voice talent and seasoned pros. This could ultimately lead to a rise in union work over-time and, hopefully, a settling of rate fluctuations amongst all talent.

What trends do you see on the horizon and are you ready to capitalize?

We'd love to hear your thoughts. Let us know by leaving a comment.