How Do I Contact a Talent Agent?

To get in touch with talent agencies around the country (and beyond), you’ll have to do some leg work by either cold calling them, or sending out some “cold emails” (an email to someone you don’t know, and who doesn’t know you).

Below are a few tips for writing a cold email to a voice over agency. Remember to be as professional as possible and frame the email in regards to how you can service the agency, not how the agency can service you.

1. Mass emails

If you’re sending the same email to many agencies, make sure that you don’t simply BCC every agency on your list with an obvious mass email (or, worse yet, CC them all…). Do what you can to personalize your voice over email message to the voice over agency. Let them know that you’re taking time to note exactly who you’re sending your message to, even if you have pre-written an amount of it. This is especially important in the subject line of your email. Include the name of the agency in your subject line, like “[Voice Actor Name] for [Talent Agency]”.

2. Attachments

Of course you’re going to want to include your reel and possibly even your headshot along with your email, however, including these as attachments in your email could possibly flag the message as spam, as cold emails with attachments quite often are, in fact, spam or phishing messages. Not to mention, a lot of folks don’t like their inbox space filling up with larges files, and with how many submissions talent agencies receive, it can fill up fast, landing you on their bad side. You’ll instead want to include your reel and headshot as links. You can upload your voice over reel to Soundcloud, Wix, Bandcamp, Squarespace, or anywhere else, along with your headshot, and include a link in the email. Being clear about where the link will send the recipient to is also important, i.e., “Here is a link to my commercial reel on Soundcloud: [insert Soundcloud link]”. In the same respect, using or tinyurl links may not be the best idea because, while it would be great to have the analytics of who is clicking on your link, those links can also look suspicious in a cold email, and may not be clicked at all.

3. Email Subscription Providers

While you certainly can use a service like Mailchimp or Freshmail to send your cold email, you might want to stay away from them. The likelihood of these being considered spam is a lot higher, and sending several cold emails from a mailing list to those who have not willfully subscribed is technically against the law. This can also look inauthentic and impersonal. Having plopped the emails you found from a voice over agency contact list into a bulk email list on Mailchimp for your first point of contact to a new agency isn’t really a good look.

Don’t be afraid to send your cold emails out or make some calls - just make sure you are cordial and professional.

Also, make sure you’re ready to be taken seriously as a voice actor, if you reach out too early into your voice over journey before you’ve had enough practice, you may have blown your first contact with that agency. Make sure you’ve prepared and practiced enough with voice over practice scripts, have a professionally produced voice over demo, and have a great presentation.

Also, be prepared for a lot of rejection (it’s just part of doing business).