4 Avenues of Finding Voice Over Jobs

A voice actor in this day and age has an assortment of options when finding voice acting work. We'll step through 4 methods of finding voiceover jobs.

1. Talent Agencies

Talent Agency

The traditional method for finding voice over work is through agencies who work between the client and the voiceover artist. Agencies tend to command industry rates or higher in many circumstances; however, you may find less voice over jobs overall as the industry continues to go through changes. The goal always is to book as many voice jobs as possible, so if you can do that solely through a talent agency, you could be looking at a pretty good income.

2. Direct Marketing

The second avenue is direct booking, which means finding voice-over jobs yourself through direct, personalized marketing. This avenue is one that talent like least because it takes more effort and time away from what they enjoy - acting. However, it's essential to recognize that you, as a voice actor, are also a business, and marketing is a part of any successful business. So pitter-patter and get at 'er. Do the leg work and start searching for ad and marketing agencies to contact. Larger cities often have local production guides that can be a great resource in finding opportunities. At minimal, spend some time searching Google.

Just remember, when contacting prospective clients, be mindful of their time. Always show professionalism, kindness, and be sensible about how often you reach out to them. No one wants to hire someone who hounds them relentlessly. It's okay to get a bit creative. In fact, we suggest it as there are many methods to find clients casting voiceover jobs and you'll be competing with other talent for attention.

3. Online Voice Casting

A third method of finding work is via online casting sites. There are many and more pop up all the time. Sites like Voiceovers.com, Voices.com, Voice123.com, and Bodalgo.com are all examples of online casting.

These are sometimes referred to as "Pay to Play" sites because you have to pay a membership fee to receive castings.

Costs can vary from site to site, and many have tiered plans which claim to offer more

casting opportunities. Approach these sites with caution. Some voice casting websites are more reputable than others, and it falls upon you to research what sites offer voiceover work at a rate that is fair to you. You may be okay with taking a lower rate if you're starting voice work, but consider increasing what you charge as your voice-over skills improve. Better recording equipment and improved technical skills also warrant a price increase. All of these add value to your service.

4. Freelancing Websites

The fourth method is one ripe with controversy among fellow voiceover actors - freelancing websites. Freelancing websites aggregate a variety of creative (and not so creative) types such as digital artists, web designers, copywriters, and then attract would-be buyers to that platform. It sounds like a win-win situation, but these services cater to the lowest common denominator, i.e., low pay. Potential buyers are typically small businesses looking for something cheap. They haven't an understanding of the value a professional talent can bring. Additionally, the site itself takes a sizeable percentage of your earnings.

You'll also waste a lot of time responding to people who fail to read your job offerings and rate structures. This means less time for better clients, and our most valuable asset is time.

It's not all bad. It may be a way to dip your toes in, and it is possible to command a higher rate on platforms like these. Still, it's certainly an uphill battle, and whether you want to take on that battle is solely up to you.

Regardless of how you find voiceover work, make sure you always work to improve your skills and increase your value. Attend a voice-over workshop. Practice your delivery with one of VOscripts.com voiceover scripts. Take an improv class to enhance your creativity. Learn about acoustics and soundproofing (tip: they are different). They all ultimately increase your value to the client, who puts money in your pocket.

Now get out there and start digging up clients!