Do Your Voice Over Reps

We receive a lot of inquiries about how to get started in voice over. The reality is that people get their start in many different ways, some transition from traditional acting, some start in radio, some are even producers whose scratch voiceover makes the final cut. However, if they or anyone else wants to make voice-acting a long-term career then training is necessary.

Voiceover training teaches you techniques of breathing, cadence, timbre, emotional connection, script interpretation, critical listening, professionalism and a whole host of other skills that you likely don’t know is needed to make a long-term, professional career in voiceover.

As in life, you get out what you put in. A professional football player isn’t a professional because they walk on to the field. They train, they endure, they build their muscles and skills over-time so when it comes time to hit the field, they do so at peak levels of professional performance. Voice-over isn’t any different. You simply need to do your reps and build your skills if you want to work as a professional voice-actor.

Doing so will further your career faster, farther and longer.